If the Bold Princess has sea-room, brave boys never fear!

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Perhaps the pre-eminent traditional British song about pirates

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5 thoughts on “If the Bold Princess has sea-room, brave boys never fear!”

  1. Great tune Gavin, I have looked at your designs over the years and have built a number of them as cardboard models. Always fun!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas Gavin and family. We get a new house for our xmas present, we move in on the 22nd! Everything is happening at once as usual, commuting between the old house, the new one and xmas parties wears one out. Still, itr will be nice to be in finally. I might even get to take the boat out!

    Take care and a happy new year. It will take a while to get our telecomunications right at this time of year but we are keeping the flat till we see how it all works, so I will be back! Hope you are doing something interesting, are you having a day or two off?

    All the best for the new year


  3. Captain Pugwash eat your heart out! You really do tick all the 'Sea Dog' boxes Gavin. Ace tune. Merry Christmas matey – Yargh!

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