Sign this petition – stop the Government selling off our inland waterways

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The Oxford Canal at Hillmorton on the eastern edge of Rugby in Warwickshire –
image from the Wikipedia, photographed by G-Man

Ordinary people in the UK are already prevented from using the large majority of our rivers, streams and lakes. And now there’s apparently a threat of the canal system being sold to private owners which will likely mean we’ll have even less access, for unlike many states in Europe and the Americas, ours is a small, crowded country where privately owned also means ‘Keep Out!’.

Needless to say, this must not happen and a new petition on the Prime Minister’s website has given us an important opportunity to show the level of support that exists for our wonderful canal system.

I think this is an important petition – please help protect and extend our inland waters for public use. So please sign here!

PS Read what the British Marine Federation has to say on the subject!

4 thoughts on “Sign this petition – stop the Government selling off our inland waterways”

  1. Sell off a public asset so then we have to pay to use it or worse still are prevented from using it. There is something seriously wrong with our political system.

    Thanks for raising awareness


  2. As I am a big fan of the British canal system, I am shocked about this plans. Being the chairman of an associatian which works for the reopening of defunct canals in Germany, I used to tell local politician that the Britsh canals and how they are operated is something to learn from. Obviously this is no longer so. Why can´t I sign this petition?

  3. Hi Gav, Can't really sign from here, but I hadn't realised how restriced public access to your waterways was. I realise much is left over from the feudal system and aristocratic estates but is now on the open market I expect. Viva la revolution, let the tumbrils roll. It will take concerted action to prevent this, as both majors probably favour it albeit for different reasons. I wish you every successin the campaign.


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