What it’s really all about…

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Out to sea

Barge boat Barge boat 2 Red sails

Smack 3 Smack 2 Smack

Click on the images for much larger photos. The one at the top
makes a particularly fine background – click on the thumbnail,
then click on your right mouse button when the large image loads

We’ve just got back from a blissful weekend’s sailing around the Swale in our little Ian Proctor-designed Prelude, and here are some photos to prove it. From the top: an unknown yacht making her way seaward at low tide in the morning light; two shots of a boat belonging to one of the local sailing barges (there are two shots because one reveals something about its hull form – for more more on barges, click here); an unknown yacht rides the afternoon tide; three shots taken by Julie of a smack at Tester’s yard at the mouth of Oare Creek.

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4 thoughts on “What it’s really all about…”

  1. The yacht with the tan sails is Alan Staley's Norman Dalimore 'Stasia'.

    The gentleman in the barge's boat is Peter Dodds, with his dog in the bow, returning to his barge 'Mirosa'.

    Great photos, keeps my spirits up. Had hoped to have Idle Duck on the water this summer, but it will be much later now.


    1. Hi Bob – I thought it may be but couldn't be sure. Again, I can send you a larger image.

      I'm very sorry to hear about the Duck. I hope it all gets moving again soon. I thought she looked well along the road when I saw her, but I know that these things are like ducks themselves – all serenity above the water line but furiously busy down below where you can't see what's going on.


  2. The yacht with the white sails looks as if it might be Colin Frake's Peter Brett designed Dee class, but I cannot zoom enough to be sure.

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