A sweet, romantic little rowing toy

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Video or rowing toy at the Paris Musee de la Marine

Wind-up rowing toy at Chris Partridge’s weblog Rowing for Pleasure

Chris Partridge reports that he found this video of a sweet and romantic wind-up rowing toy at the website of the Musee de la Marine in Paris. As it happens, I’m going to Paris next weekend, so maybe I should take my camera down to the museum.

Thanks for a really good idea Chris!

3 thoughts on “A sweet, romantic little rowing toy”

  1. Absolutely! Julie's art publisher employers are exhibiting at the Paris International Book and Print fair at the Grand Palais, so off we go.

    I'm reminded of some pals who went to a Paris surfing expo at the time when holograms were first appearing on credit cards.

    One tried to buy entrance tickets to the show with shiny new card complete with a hologram of William Shakespeare – but the card couldn't be accepted, apparently because he didn't resemble the little picture, and neither did any of his friends…


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