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Building a work skiff on Rhode Island

This is a stunning series – and it’s not finished yet.  My thanks to a few people who pointed it out over the weeks, including John Lockwood.




Boat Building Academy student launch 23rd November


It’s nearly time for one of the BBA’s great annual events – the autumn-winter student launch, which this year takes place at Lyme Regis on the 23rd November. (The photo above is from last year’s event.)

They’re inviting folks to join the celebrations, which begin at 12:00 when five boats built or restored by the 38-week boat building, maintenance and support course class of February 2016 are launched.

The boats to be launched are:

  • 11ft6in Iain Oughtred-designed Guillemot
  • 14ft RNSA dinghy restoration
  • 15ft Christmas Wherry
  • 15ft sailing canoe
  • 12ft 1930s International 12 racing dinghy restoration

They make an ingteresting collection. See photos of the projects as the students work on them.

The BBA folks have published a its 2017 short course programme – new courses for 2017 include:

  • introduction to woodworking (back by popular demand)
  • separate courses on antique furniture restoration and marquetry are now part of the regular programmeafter running once each in 2016

Principal Yvonne Green tells me that this year some 40% of people joining short courses had been on a BBA course before, which I guess says a lot about what folks think about the courses.


A skin on frame Imp

The admirable Trevor Akin (in the skin on frame canoe in the YouTube) has built a rather beautiful and clearly successful skin on frame canoe using the lines I drew up for the Imp canoe design some years ago.

I wasn’t happy with the Imp – its strakes would never lie smoothly, and I judged it a failure even though it performed well enough as an open canoe. I don’t even know where I’d find the drawings now, but Trevor has a copy of them from somewhere and done something wonderful with them.  He deserves a firm manly handshake, and certainly gets my admiration. And thanks for letting me know about the project Trevor!

He’s written about the project extensively on his weblog Eh Whatever. Here he is close to finishing the boat, and here he is again at a messabout (for Brits, I should explain this is a kind of camping party with boats).

I love this shot:

Pomme de Terre Lake - Oct. 2016;