Yacht Linotte rescued from rocks by oar

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Rescue of Linotte by rowing pilot gig

This gut-wrenching but finally satisfactory set of photos records the day Francois Vivier-designed Stir Ven pocket cruiser Linotte was rescued from rocks by the rowing crew of what looks like a pilot gig.

I shouldn’t think that’s happened too many times during this century. Thank God that rowing crew happend to be in the area! Does anyone know where in France this took place please? And was the boat repairable? I hope they were insured.

My thanks go to Dale Appleton for spotting this striking series of shots.

PS – See Dale’s comment below to find a link to a Google ‘translation’ that just about explain’s what’s going on here.

PPS – See Linotte owner Fred Mouchy’s comment below to find out what happened to his yacht after her rescue.

5 thoughts on “Yacht Linotte rescued from rocks by oar”

  1. What a great story.

    Oddly enough, the rowing boat was also designed by Francois Vivier. It is a Bantry Bay Gig or 'Yole de Bantry', a copy of a French captain's gig that literally washed up on the Irish coast in 1796 when La Resolue was wrecked. Vivier designed it for the Atlantic Challenge in the US.

  2. Hello,

    I'm Fred, the owner & the builder of Linotte.

    Linotte was rescued from rocks by the Yole de Bantry MORBIHAN from Vannes, Brittany.

    We were in Mesquer – http://maps.google.fr/maps?f=q&source=s_q&amp
    We organised a training period for young sailmen during the 2008 winter.

    After a storm, Linotte broke their lines & went to the rocks.

    Linotte was repaired & is sailing now. See the photo in Douarnenez on my web site.


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