Peter Radclyffe’s recent projects

Radclyffe Dilston Class 2

Radclyffe Dilston Class Radclyffe Design no 97 50m schooner

These striking drawings come from Peter Radclyffe Design – if that name seems familiar, it’s because he went public in Classic Boat with some drawings for a new J Class yacht last summer, and that he was responsible for rebuilding the Lulworth some years ago.

Peter tells me that the Dilston Class (top and above left) is named after the village of Dilston near  Corbridge, Northumberland, which is where his  family hails from. He adds that he learned a lot about the design of boats of this kind  from studying the work of John Leather – in the early 70s he lived in the same nearby to Leather’s home at Fingringhoe.

Design no 77, a 50m schooner, is based on the Vera Mary designed by JM Soper and launched in 1932. I think I’d want to take a photograph or 500 if she passed anywhere near me – if I could collect myself long enough to remember where I’d put my camera.