Sean Hartman’s lashed skin on frame canoe

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Sean Hartman’s skin on frame canoe

Sean Hartman found plans for a skin on frame canoe (SOF canoe) taken from an old book some time ago.

He writes: ‘I found these plans while researching your Cinderella canoe. They seem to have been taken from an old book entitled Canoes, Dinghies, and Punts: How to build a canvas canoe by E T Littlewood. One of the photos attached shows the transom hitch lashings I used for the ribbands and later the gunwales.’

Sean has reminded me that he obtained the drawings he used to build this boat from – see them at

This seems like a good opportunity to mention that the scans from Practical Boat Building for Amateurs by as written by D Neison and updated by Dixon Kemp I put up some time ago include another set of drawings and instructions for making a canvas canoe.

Julie skiff sailing version

Look out for the sailing version of the Julie skiff. Click on the image for more

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