Drawings for building a model of the 14ft stitch and glue Sunny skiff

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Drawings for making a model of the Sunny skiff

I’m pleased to say that we’ve now got a pdf file of the drawings needed to make a simple model of the Sunny skiff ready to be downloaded and printed out.

If you’re interested in her, I’d strongly suggest making a model. All you need to do to make a model is to take a printout, stick it to a piece of cereal packet, cut out the various panels and make up the model with sticky tape. Here’s one example of how this kind of model can look; here’s a second example made by the excellent Ben Crawshaw; and here’s a third example made by Woody Jones, and complete with little wire figures made to scale.

The two stern panels aren’t a mistake, by the way – there was a bit of space left and because it’s often useful to double up on stern thickness (because it’s good to have it robust) I thought the opportunity to have double-thickness stern too good to miss. In the model, as in the real thing, doubling the stern is optional unless you’re making a sailing boat or using an outboard.

If anyone out there makes a model of this little boat, I’d be very grateful to see them, and to be able to post them here at intheboatshed.net!

Plans for the full-sized boat are to come!

PS Woody made a model overnight, so good for him:

sunny-skiff-pic-1 sunny-skiff-pic-2

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