Baja coast sailing

Baja sailing

Sailing along California’s Baja coast. If after watching this you feel you’d done enough sailing this summer, you’re a better man than I.

This is proper RD Culler-style sailing too, which I’d guess can be summarised as sail where you can row when you must, and make sure your boat is simple and effective and rows well, so that you don’t need to lug and use a motor.

Plan well two… more rules of his are to row during the first part of your trip so that you can sail in the later part, when you’re hot and tired.

Keep Turning Left reveals an ecstatic Dylan Winter

‘For me, sailing the punt as I watch the birds wheel overhead is as close to God as I ever expect to get.’

It shows Dylan Winter re-affirming something important about boating and sailing.

It’s a lesson I think we should all take to heart, though we seem slow to do so. I remember the legendary boat designer and builder RD Culler spending a whole chapter making a very similar point in one of his books more than half a lifetime ago.