Celebrated artist Martyn Mackrill exhibits at London chandlers Arthur Beale

Honorary painter to the Royal Yacht Squadron and the Royal Thames Yacht Club Martyn Mackrill has an exhibition showing 27 works at central London chandlers Arthur Beale. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of an art exhibition taking place at a chandlers’ before, but Beale’s really isn’t like any other chandlers I know – except that it does sell useful stuff…

Two of the works executed in black wash are shown above, although most are in colour. See the Flipping Book presentation.

Prices for the works range from £550.00 to £7,800.00.

The show runs until the 22nd November and admission is free, and the catalogue is priced at £7.50.

For information about finding Beales’, opening times and the rest, see the Arthur Beale website.

Hidden collection of maritime paintings on show at Falmouth museum

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RSMA Exhibition - Pamela Drew (1910-1989) Ship Building, Belfast 1946 oil on canvas.

Ship Building, Belfast 1946 oil on canvas – Pamela Drew (1910-1989)

A collection of paintings by members of the Royal Society of Marine Art on being admitted to the organisation are on show at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall at Falmouth until the 29th November.

This is a rare event, so catch them if you can.

Founded in 1939, the RSMA collects and promotes contemporary British marine painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking, and is a focal point for much of Britain’s finest marine art.

Like other national art bodies, the the Society asks new members to submit one piece of work to its ‘diploma collection’, which today includes over 100 paintings.

The collection has been stored by the museum for years, but lack of space has meant it hasn’t appeared in public before. That’s a great shame if they’re as good as the sample painting above by Pamela Drew, but I guess this reflects the reality for museums – there’s always far more in store than the public will ever see on a single visit, or even on many visits.