Bill Serjeant’s C-type West Wight Potter up for auction on eBay

C_type West Wight Potter

Bill Serjeant's West Wight Potter

Well known small boat sailing adventurer and weblogger Bill Serjeant is selling his circa 1972 West Wight Potter on eBay this week – the auction ends on Thursday, so there are just two days to bid.

Bill has recently completed a 66-day cruise along the South Coast in a variety of winds.

See the boat on eBay here. I’d say the bidding is quite lively (for post-Credit Crunch Britain) so if you’re interested in a well proven 14ft solo cruising boat that will provide some splendid sailing for the independent-minded, you’ll have to move quickly!

1936 Harry Feltham yacht for sale at Faversham

This 1936 Harry Feltham-built 24ft sailing yacht is for sale on eBay, ending at 9pm on Sunday. She’s moored at Oare Creek, Faversham.

There’s a bit of history about her – it’s said she was once sailed by Amy Johnson, who referred to in her diary under the boat’s old name of Margaret.

The boat was done up extensively in 2005 or so. It has two berths and a pipe cot, and comes with sails and a modern 2hp diesel. Some varnish and paint is now required, apparently.

Place your bid here.

Thanks to my pal Steve Taylor for pointing her out. As he says, she deserves a good home.

A project – and some cheap daysailing fun for someone

It may not look much now, but I’d guess this 20ft Scimitar keelboatlisted on eBay could be destined to provide someone with some splendid daysailing fun.

She’s fibreglass, it’s true, but that’s no reason to be nose-in-the-air about her: she was built at a time when layups were heavy and hull shapes were much like the wood built craft, and she’s currently going for a song.

I’d guess that hull would clean up nicely, and looking at the description my guess is that the biggest problem will be moving her… I suppose there aren’t many of us who have friends from whom we can borrow a crane!

Thanks to traditional boatbuilder Marcus Lewis for pointing her out.