Cornish lugger Spirit of Mystery for sale on eBay

Cornish lugger Spirit of Mystery

The Cornish lugger Peter Goss and his crew used to sail to Australia a couple of years back (read this and this), Spirit of Mystery, is up for sale on eBay.

She was built in Millbrook, Cornwall by Chris Rees, and is heavily built in larch on oak, and has an open plan interior.

The owner says she is great fun to sail and can be sailed easily by a crew of two, though he has thended to sail her as standing lug so that no dipping is needed.

Frankly, it’s nearly impossible to describe how desirable I find this boat… if only I had the money and time!

eBay: 9ft clinker rowing or sailing dinghy or tender; hull complete, inside to finish

This little dinghy is up for auction on eBay, and is being sold by  the folding, sectional and inflatable dinghy specialist supplier Nestaway, which is run by Ian Thomson.

My thanks to Nic Compton for passing this one along via his Facebook account.

1940s fifie for sale for restoration

Alex Mears of HJ Mears & Son Boatbuilders has got in touch to say that one of his customers is selling a 32ft, 1944-built fifie for restoration. The owner is getting a little too old to continue with the project and so it must go – see the boat on eBay.

The work has been started but there’s a lot more to do – most of the photos below show her current state at Mears Boatyard, Seaton, in east Devon, though one indicates how she was on the day she arrived at the yard.

The fifie has no engine and all the deck has been removed, with temporary ties in place to maintain hull shape. Her planking is 1.25 inch larch on oak frames.

She was brought to Devon from Ullapool in 2008 when her working life ended as a a registered Stornaway fishing boat. There is a big pile of seasoned timber available for the restoration but at extra cost.

The yard says they would hate to see her end up in the log burner, and I’m sure Alex speaks for all of us when he says: ‘I just hope someone wants a slice of Scottish fishing history.’

Storage can be negotiated with Mears Boatyard, as can cranage onto a low loader.