Bill Serjeant’s C-type West Wight Potter up for auction on eBay

C_type West Wight Potter

Bill Serjeant's West Wight Potter

Well known small boat sailing adventurer and weblogger Bill Serjeant is selling his circa 1972 West Wight Potter on eBay this week – the auction ends on Thursday, so there are just two days to bid.

Bill has recently completed a 66-day cruise along the South Coast in a variety of winds.

See the boat on eBay here. I’d say the bidding is quite lively (for post-Credit Crunch Britain) so if you’re interested in a well proven 14ft solo cruising boat that will provide some splendid sailing for the independent-minded, you’ll have to move quickly!

Bill Serjeant visits Oare Creek and Faversham


I see from Bill’s Log that small boat cruiser and gentleman of the waves Bill Serjeant is spending a little time at Oare Creek and visiting Faversham, where he seems to be enjoying himself. Here’s his description of Oare Creek:

‘I alighted at the head of Oare Creek and ambled along the footpath where late Spring blossoms scented the air. I deeply breathed in and savoured the beauty of the countryside…

‘I was saddened to see so many forsaken yachts no longer cherished by their owners… but in between, snuggled into the mud awaiting the return of the tide there were the most glorious of sailing vessels, Thames barges and classic yachts of all kinds.’

He’s sailing a West Wight Potter these days – for many years he has taken a particular pleasure in changing boats regularly, often building the smaller ones himself. He has travelled over from Burnham and Leigh, hopes to make Ramsgate tomorrow before the wind rises later in the day. Great good luck Bill!