1936 Harry Feltham yacht for sale at Faversham

This 1936 Harry Feltham-built 24ft sailing yacht is for sale on eBay, ending at 9pm on Sunday. She’s moored at Oare Creek, Faversham.

There’s a bit of history about her – it’s said she was once sailed by Amy Johnson, who referred to in her diary under the boat’s old name of Margaret.

The boat was done up extensively in 2005 or so. It has two berths and a pipe cot, and comes with sails and a modern 2hp diesel. Some varnish and paint is now required, apparently.

Place your bid here.

Thanks to my pal Steve Taylor for pointing her out. As he says, she deserves a good home.

7 thoughts on “1936 Harry Feltham yacht for sale at Faversham”

  1. Bit late now but I would have bought her back to Portsmouth had I known she was on ebay. I went to school with the son of the guy that had her built in Portsmouth – Jack Tappenden. As a schoolboy I used to crew on her. It is true that she was hired by Amy Johnson and also Commodore Mclean of Cunard Line. She also was one of 3 yachts allowed to sail in Portsmouth during the war as a training vessel and has the number P3 under the paintwork on each bow. I know the names of all the owners and owned her myself for 15 years. Everyone kept her as she was built. Eventually I sold her to a friend of mine who ripped out the trusty Stuart 8 and put in such things as a battery, electric lights, VHF, gas cooker, hydraulic windlass etc. He changed the name, against my advice, and promptly got an irreversible lung disease which eventualy killed him. He offered her back to me but at a price reflecting the ‘renovations’.
    Shame I can’t seem to track down the present owner as I have all the history.

    1. Found this page purely by accident. I have photographs of my Mother sailing with Amy Johnson in very similar looking boat. Would love to share any information.

    2. I really hope you read this Peter. I have found her down the river Medway and just agreed to buy her.

  2. Hello Richard
    I am interested to hear that you have photos of this boat when Amy and your Mother sailed it. I would love to see the photos especially if it turns out to be this boat as I am hoping to try and restore her back to her former glory of the 1930’s and retain her history in the process. I will tell you more if you could kindly email me.
    Many Thanks

      1. Hi Anthony, I am the founder and Director of the Amy Johnson Project and interested to find out more about the boat and it’s history related to Amy. Do you still have it?

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