A wonderful shed at Barton Turf, Norfolk

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Old boat shed at Barton Turf

It’s been some time since we had a good boat shed on this weblog. This one’s at Barton Turf, by the side of the wonderful Barton Broad in Norfolk. Just by Cox’s Boatyard, its connection with the water is almost grown over, but the old shed itself is a work of pure art wrought by man and time… It’s also a place few people will visit unless they’re on a boating holiday, keep a boat at the yard or doing something interesting and educational at the nearby Barton Activity Centre.

I wonder whether the Cox name here has any connection with the wonderful old singer and melodeon player Harry Cox? As an adult he lived at Stalham, but was born at Barton Turf.

By the way, he was the real source of that famous old song, The Black Velvet Band, among others.

Postscript: two pals have been in touch following this post, Paul Davenport (see the comment below) reveals that this is his home area and there is a family connection between the boatyard Coxes and old Harry Cox (Catfield is close to Stalham, and half-way between Barton and Hickling Broads), while Pete Stockwell said the shed in question used to be a venue for parties back in the days when he used to sail Norfolk punts. Heck Pete, I’ll have to treat you with much more respect in future!