Paul Connor’s photos from the Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival at the Centre for Wooden Boats, Seattle

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Paul Connor has also kindly sent us a set of photos of a festival dockside stroll – this time from the Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival at the Centre for Wooden Boat’s base in Seattle. Thanks Paul and sorry about the delay – I’ve been away sailing – it tends to happen at this time of year, so please don’t think the worst if the weblog goes quiet for a few days.

I particularly like the H12 1/2 – if anyone doesn’t I think they probably need to pray for their soul…

Paul is working towards building a double-ended skiff based on the plans for a double-ended skiff presented in the book Boatbuilding for Amateurs. Click here for more on this project. I’ve added labels where the boat concerned is identified.

If anyone would like to add any comments or information, please do so using the comments link at the end of this post.

Alien_queen AQ_boiler AQ_controls

Barnacle Chriscraft_fwd

H12-5_side H12-5_quarter H12-5_interior


H12 1/2

Hvalsoe_13 Hvalsoe_16

Hvalsoe 13 and 16

Magic_Wing Magic_wing_Side Matinicus_peapod

Little Wing and a peapod



Sea_Dog_Aft Sea_Dog_Fwd Sea_Dog_Transom


Unknown – but it looks like a huge Paradox. Is it a heavy sharpie of the Hog Fish Lips type?