Keep Turning Left in danger

Keep Turning Left Dylan Winter

I was going to review a splendid new book today but have changed my plan because something urgent has come up.

The book can wait because yesterday was marked by the disappointing  news that Keep Turning Left filmmaker Dylan Winter has been cut off by Google Adsense. I think immediate action is required.

I don’t know what lies behind Google’s decision, but no ad income for KTL and Dylan’s other online enterprises may well spell the end of the widely enjoyed KTL website, and its entertaining, provoking and often beautiful short movies.

I’m pretty sure Dylan will find a way of continuing with his journey and of filming it, but if his website is no longer an economic proposition, I doubt very much that he’ll be able to devote time to editing and publishing his material. If he’s forced to keep this material to himself, I think the world will be a significantly duller, greyer place.

I know some folks – motorboaters, mainly – take a different view, but I think Dylan is worth our support. He’s informative, entertaining and promotes a positive attitude to slow-speed close inland sailing that’s all too rare.

What can we do? I’d say buying subscriptions will give Dylan a boost. If you enjoy KTL, go to the site and buy a subscription. If you have a friend who would enjoy it, buy them a sub for their birthday or for Christmas. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, get over there and watch the videos that are available for free and consider whether you’d like to stump up the few quid required.

Keep Turning Left

PS – If you visit Dylan’s website, do scroll to the bottom of his homepage to hear an interesting segment from a radio programme featuring interviews with him and Google.