Smell the Sea, Feel the Breeze exhibition of paintings at Falmouth gallery

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Charles Napier Hemy RA, painting Running for Home

Running for Home by Charles Napier Hemy, one of the paintings
at the Feel the Breeze exhibition. C
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Charles Napier Hemy RA, painting Running for Home Charles Napier Hemy RA, painting Running for Home Charles Napier Hemy RA, painting Running for Home

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Mike Haywood-Barnabas St Ives fishing boat Jamie Medlin - Pandora

Mike Haywood’s Barnabbas, St Ives fishing boat; and Jamie Medline’s Pandora, will also be on show

This impressive and exciting painting by Charles Napier Hemy RA will be a key exhibit at the Smell The Sea, Feel The Breeze show at Falmouth Art Gallery next month. Certainly I can smell the sea and feel the breeze here, but just look at that sheet – it’s hardly more than inches from gybing in water rough enough to push the little boat around. I hope they get home.

The exhibition aims to capture the variety of water, wind and waves from dramatic sailing adventures in wild waters to paddling in rock pools with Rupert Bear, and is being made possible by the generous sponsorship of TMS Financial Solutions, and Arts & Business South West which funded the additional insurance and the transporting of valuable works by distinguished Cornwall artists such as Henry Scott Tuke RA, Charles Napier Hemy RA, William Ayerst Ingram, Frank Jameson, Mike Haywood and David Hills.

Important loans from the Royal Society of Marine Artists Diploma Collection have been made available through the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. Work by one of Britain’s greatest abstract painters, Sir Terry Frost, is also being made available through private collections. Sir Terry’s career spanned seven decades, starting with his introduction to art in a prisoner-of-war camp. The featured works drew inspiration in Cornwall from sailing boats bobbing on the tide.

Also showing will be original works by contemporary Falmouth artist Jamie Medlin. Jamie is one of the country’s leading marine artists and is known widely through his prints. He currently paints beautiful classic yachts, and some of the best of these paintings have been borrowed for this exhibition. His art was included in the recent Christie’s sale of Important Maritime Paintings.

Falmouth has a long and proud association with sailing. The packet ships, ocean-going clippers and the coastal trading sailing vessels have long ceased their trade, but Falmouth can still attract major sailing events, from the famous Regatta to the arrival of ‘round the world’ yachtsmen.

The exhibition is mounted to celebrate and promote the Funchal 500 Tall Ships Race, which will be held in September 2008.

A full programme of gallery events has been designed to complement the exhibition, which will include free workshops for babies, children, families, schools and community groups. A full colour brochure sponsored by TMS Financial Solutions will be available priced £4.50.

The exhibition can be seen at Falmouth Art Gallery from 1 March to 26 April 2008, Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm. Admission is free. For more information about activities and education please contact Natalie Rigby on 01326 313863.

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A sad twist in the tale for the rescued schooner Kathleen & May?

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Kathleen & MayThe recently rescued Kathleen & May looks set to be sold abroad

The last three-masted West Country topsail schooner Kathleen & May is likely to be sold abroad after being rejected for a grant to help restore her.The glorious and historic old boat is just one of thousands of very worthy causes that are losing out in the run up to the London Olympics in 2012. Are the benefits the Olympics will bring really worth having when tragedies like this seem to be the result?See the Kathleen & May website and this BBC news report.For more on the Kathleen & May at click here.

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