Breton fishing boat on regatta day

Br267597 Br267597 Boy’s boat

Earlier tonight I put up a post about the Watertribe Challenge, which I find fascinating but which isn’t what this weblog is supposed to be about – for one thing there are no old boats, no brave souls working on old boats and it’s all on the other side of the pond.

So to make up for my irresponsible behaviour, here are a couple of photos of a rather nice and heroically heavily built Breton fishing boat on regatta day at La Roche Bernard in Brittany, and a bonus photo of a youngster sculling a tender. At the time it inspired me to design a small boat I thought would be suitable for my own son, but now I notice that it also shows details of a collection of very interesting boats attracted by the event. Some day I may dig out some more photos from that day.

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Ginny Jones of Vineyard Sailing is a real sailing heavyweight, but also calls herself a Luddite. However, during the grim weather of this winter’s off-season she has been taking time to discover what the Internet has to offer.

The result is this refreshing article. If you’re like me, it will take you to some places you haven’t known about, and remind you of some others you’ve foolishly forgotten. Thanks Ginny!

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