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I’ve been looking at sites offering marine prints for ages, but this is one that I’ve only just found.

Most sites selling marine art focus on contemporary artists, but the Maritime Prints approach is interestingly different: its emphasis is on prints made from paintings held in private collections, and which members of the general public are unlikely to see any other way.

Mainly the prints are naval, but as you will see from the thumbnails above, they also include yacht racing scenes, famous liners coming into port and so on. Well worth a look, I’d say.


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Just about everyone who comes to these pages is some kind of boat nut, and I’m a boat nut too. I’d like to make this weblog as interesting and useful to us all as possible, and I want to fill it with news and photographs about:
•Projects about old boats, historic boats, traditionally-built boats, and traditionally-derived boats.
•Boating history and traditions.
•The skills involved, the craftsmen and the available training.
So, whether you own these kinds of boats, work on them, sell them, build them, paint or photograph them, write about their history, design them, run a club or organise events, or collect old songs and stories connected with them – if you would like to bring your projects to the attention of a wider public, email me now at!