The 1963 Thames Barge Match

A Movietone newsreel showing the 1963 Thames barge match. The barges include Dreadnought, Sara, Sirdar and Veronica.

My thanks to the  Thames Sailing Barge Trust via its Facebook Facebook page.

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  1. !963 Thames Barge Match:
    Lovely stuff … I was there as an 8 year old aboard the oldest barge (mentioned, but not by name), the May Flower. The Medway match followed – this was filmed from the deck of the May Flower and the film is, I understand, available at some cost from movitone news. I detail this in my book The May Flower A Barging Childhood… In those days the barge matches took place during the working week – so I, and my siblings’, had a week off school!

    It’s grand to get a view of these old films – they should be more widely available.

    It is also highlights tragic events too: the Veronica at 57 years and the Dreadnought a little younger could have still been sailing. The Sara possibly too… Who knows: Sara and Dreadnought were broken up and the Veronica was sold to become a house boat with specific instructions not to sail… As I say, tragic, especially as many of the barges sailing then and then trading as motor barges are still around, rebuilt, refurbished or awaiting treatment…

    The Veronica’s remains sit mouldering in Bedlams Bottom off the foot of Stangate – when I last visited some of her trademark white hull coating still adhered to her stem, it brought a tear to my eye…

  2. i was ery sad to lern about the sad fate of the Veronica, Captain Ebeneezer Shrubsall captained her at one time, luckily another one he captained the Kitty is still in pretty good condition.

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