Faversham’s Standard Quay under threat from restaurant and car park

Save Standard Quay and Faversham Creek

The public planning meeting about the future of Standard Quay on Thursday was inconclusive – I gather from Richard Fleury’s report that the councillors postponed the vote until some of them have had a chance to see the site for themselves.

Richard recorded some interesting reaction to this decision, so please take a look.

What councillors who turn out will see, of course, is an ancient wharf and boat yard that was once bustling and full of life – but which has lost its sense of purpose over the past couple of years as most vessels and maritime businesses have left. Obviously we hope that loss is only temporary.

What it does mean is that there’s more time to add your views to the debate – find out about this issue here, including a curious contribution from an organisation called VisitKent.

See this great little YouTube about what many locals think about the threat to Standard Quay by Mike Maloney of the weblog Visions of a Creek .

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