A sensational plaque seen in Abbey Street, Faversham

Michael Greenwood plaque

This plaque can be found on the front elevation of one of the many lovely old houses on Abbey Street, Faversham. What a story old Greenwood must have had to tell – I do hope he enjoyed dining out on it.

I do wonder whether there was a ballad about him – my only searches haven’t been successful, but there may be someone out there who knows better where to look…

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  1. Sorry to post again, poor form I know but this is quite good.


    I’ve often wondered how the ransom worked. I prefer the romantic notion of a Moorish emissary with an account book setting off on horseback to conduct negotiations in the towns and villages of England. Moorish pirates were a threat in Cornwall and elsewhere until 1700s.


    and of course…

    ‘From the Halls of Montezuma,
    To the shores of Tripoli;…’

    the shores of Tripoli refers to U S Navy attempts to suppress this important (to the region) trade.

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