Build the Babson Island 14 skiff, from Woodenboat and author Tom Hill

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Tom Hill’s 14ft Babson Island skiff

Views vary about the boat plans that have appeared in Woodenboat magazine, but I’m rather in favour of the trend. Boat plans that appear in magazines add to the sum total of happiness in the world, they help to make the case that real people can build boats and they provide beginning boatbuilders with a new way into building small boats.

And, as a long-serving magazine and newspaper journalist,  I think it’s welcome evidence of magazine publishers coming to grips with the age of the Internet.

So here’s a link to plans and instructions for building the Babson Island 14 skiff designed by well known author, expert builder and small boat designer Tom Hill,  and presented by Woodenboat. I can’t see anything extreme or strange about it, and it’s full of craftsman-like detail.

PS – I’d like to remind readers that about 18 months ago Woodenboat plugged – see the story.

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