Cooke on laying up, and tying sailor’s knots

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Chapter XXII: ‘A tarpaulin large enough to cover her right over may cost the best part of ten pounds, but it will last for years and is well worth the money.’

Cooke Cooke Cooke

Cooke Cooke

Chapter XXIII: ‘Make a small bight, then pass the end through the same, then round the standing part from above and finally back through the bight from below. There is a quicker way of making a bowline than this, but it is a knack which can only be learnt from demonstration.’

Cooke Cooke Cooke

Cooke Cooke

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Seamanship for Yachtsmen Chapter headings:

Chapter I Introduction
Chapter II Small Cruising Yachts
Chapter III Getting under Way
Chapter IV Getting under Way (continued)
Chapter V Seamanship under Way
Chapter VI Seamanship under Way (continued)

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Chapter VII Heavy Weather
Chapter VIII Heavy Weather (continued)
Chapter IX Bringing Up
Chapter X Moorings
Chapter XI Stowing Away
Chapter XII Running Aground

Chapter XIII Accidents
Chapter XIV Strange Harbours
Chapter XV Rule of the Road
Chapter VXI The Dinghy

Chapter XVII Roller Headsails
Chapter XVIII Dinghy Sailing

Chapter XIX Racing
Chapter XX Racing Tactics
Chapter XXI The Care of Sails and Gear
Chapter XXII Fitting Out and Laying Up
Chapter XXIII Knotting and Splicing

Glossary of Nautical Terms

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4 thoughts on “Cooke on laying up, and tying sailor’s knots”

  1. Hi Gavin — thanks for your continuing work in posting this book. I love this salty old stuff! Readers may also enjoy "The Arts of the Sailor: Knotting, Splicing and Ropework" by Hervey Garrett Smith, available in paperback.



  2. Gavin, many thanks for introducing me to Mr Cooke, what a confidence-inspiring and charming writing style. Despite being a bit of a geek I believe the best portable random access information medium is the humble book, so I just had to order my own copy on — where there are only a handful to be found, by the way.

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