A pilot gig at the Beale Park Boat Show

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Pilog gig

Pilot gig Pilot gig

Pilot gig made by the Slipway Cooperative. Click on the images for a nice big photo!

Pilot gig

Lines of the grandma of all racing pilot gigs, Trefry

Someone at the Wooden Boat Forum asked to see photos of the half-built racing pilot gig on show at the Beale Park Boat Show, so here are a few I took. Dig those neatly joggled ribs!

Pilot gigs are all built to the same lines as the venerable Trefry, which was built in 1838 and is still rowed today. The draughtsman appears to have spelt the old girl’s name differently to most people, so there’s no need for you lot to pick me up on that one!

The same group were selling a half-built Steve Redmond-designed Whisp. The first I’ve ever seen here or anywhere else, it must be one of very few in the UK. A sweet, narrow boat, it struck me as very light (I could lift it easily with one hand) and satisfyingly rigid. I’ll put some shots up a little later.

The Slipway Co-operative www.slipwaycooperative.co.uk

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One thought on “A pilot gig at the Beale Park Boat Show”

  1. Very good pictures, thanks! For everyone who would like to see her finished, come to the official launch on saterday the 28th of July at the Bristol Harbour Regatta, time and place to be announced later, but probably around one at the SS Great Britain site where there will be a traditional or classic boat section of the regatta. Alternatively it might be at the Underfall Yard itself, where she is being built now. I'll let you know.

    The Whisp and the Jollyboat are not sold yet and might be there as well. More pictures to follow!

    Cheers, Win.

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