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Traditions and culture relevant to the world of real boating and sailors

Aberdeen, around 1960

Notice fishing off the beach, and the harbour full of fishing boats!

My thanks to Hans Christian Rieck.

The ‘ports’ hornpipes

The UK has a great collection of hornpipe tunes named after the bit ports around our coast… So there’s The Liverpool Hornpipe, The Belfast Hornpipe, The Newcastle Hornpipe and Kingston upon Hull (presumably) has been honoured by The Kingston Hornpipe. I think many if not all originated as stage hornpipes, and lots of them come into the ‘cracking tune’ category, and are a real joy to play.

A host of them can all be found by searching the mighty resource that is the ABC Notation website tune search, which is run by my friend Chris Walshaw, a man who has done an immense amount for music.

Anyway, here are some examples from my own YouTube account. They’re really all instructional videos aimed at folks playing any instrument – I play each tune at speed the way I do it, and then more slowly for learning by ear. Along the way there might be a few wheezes for box players – so hopefully they’ll keep one or two visiting boat-oriented melodeon players  amused for a little while.

And darn it… let’s have a bit of this fun while we’re at it…

Horse Feathers: Groucho sings in a canoe

‘I’m always like that after I eat radishes… ‘