Ella builds a model Ella skiff

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ella-skiff-4 ella-skiff-3 ella-skiff-2


Ella’s model of the Ella skiff

My daughter Ella has made her own model Ella skiff and told me that she’d like to build the real thing some day. That sounds like a really nice project, even if we already own too many small boats and she lives hundreds of miles away…

For more photos of models of the easy to build 12ft Ella skiff click here. If you make one, please send photos for my collection to gmatkin@gmail.com!

For plans drawings for use in making models of the Ella skiff, click here and for more on my Ella skiff design project click here. However, if you’re looking for something longer and with a bit more performance, try this.

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One thought on “Ella builds a model Ella skiff”

  1. Looks like fun! I'm looking at 12ft skiffs from Hannu's Boatyard as well as the Summer Breeze from Simplicity boats, and now yours! Can't wait to see full plans (preferably with a sail rig) so I can build a model to the same scale as my others.

    Thanks for all your work across the pond, makes my little American heart happy.

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