Harrison Butler Z4 looking for a new home


Boatbuilder Kyle Abingdon is looking for a new home for his Harrison Butler Z4, having decided that there’s no sense in paying storage fees for a project he has no hope of being able to start in the near future.

He’s happy to negotiate terms but I’m pretty sure that it could be free to someone he is confident will make a good job of fixing her up and will look after her well – and thinks that could be someone who reads Intheboatshed.net .

Kyle says there is no rot on her and that her keel bolts have been done – but there is a lot of work to do, as she needs a deck, cockpit and internals.

Kyle is I am happy to advise anyone thinking of taking her on.

She comes with her mast, boom and sails all in good order, but no other rigging. Her mooring fees are up to date and she is stored under a tent at Faversham, Kent.

Contact Kyle at tel 07737 868421 and email kyleabingdon@yahoo.co.uk .


1939 Harrison Butler Z4 for sale at Dumbarton

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Harrison Butler Z4 for sale in Dumbarton

The Z4 is a pretty 24ft yacht with a hull designed on metacentric shelf theory lines by the legendary designer and ophthalmolgist Harrison Butler

1939 Harrison Butler Z4 for sale at Dumbarton

Check Abe Books for copies of Harrison Butler’s book Cruising Yachts – Design and Performance, which describes his yacht designs:

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