Amy Johnson and the Boswell family go sailing

The Boswells sailing with Amy Johnson – photos from the Boswell family archive, with thanks to Richard Boswell

Regular readers may remember a post about a sweet little 1934 Harry Feltham-built cruising yacht that was up for sale in Oare Creek last year.

There was a story that it had once been sailed by the famous woman aviator Amy Johnson, and some very observant types may have noticed the comments that followed its publication (to see them, follow the comments link at the bottom of the story), which included a note from Richard Boswell saying that he had some family photos of his family sailing with Johnson.

Well, these are the photos. I think they’re a charming glimpse into another era, on a day that looks an idyllic one for a picnic and a swim (those these may of course have been taken on different days).

I love the elegant clothes that we’d now think inappropriate and inconvenient, perhaps particularly the gentleman’s dinky white cap. But these were much more formal times.

The big question for is whether it’s the same boat… I gather Johnson referred to sailing a boat named Margaret, and previous owner Peter Mitchell reports that the boat was called Margaret in the past.

And I think it may be the same boat, allowing for the deck having been replaced, but that it would be difficult to be conclusive. What do you say?

These photos will be of particular interest to current owner Russell Thomas, who aims to return her as far as possible to the way she was in the 1930s.

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