An appeal for information: are there any other surviving airborne lifeboat mark IIs?

Nina Plumbe has written to appeal for information about any mark II airborne lifeboats that may be in existence. If you have any information, please write to me at and I’ll pass the message on.

Here’s what she says:

‘We are about to start a huge restore on an airborne lifeboat mark II, which is 30ft long. While we are aware of several mark Is (24ft long) we cannot find a single mark II.

‘The photos sho how she looked in the 1960s and how she is today.

‘Is ours the only one surviving? We know that they were built in a boatyard in Wales as well as in a boatyard at Potter Heigham on the Norfolk Broads.

‘Thanks for your help, Nina Plumbe’

Nina and her friends are setting up a trust to care for the airborne lifeboat.


5 thoughts on “An appeal for information: are there any other surviving airborne lifeboat mark IIs?”

  1. Hello,

    The french magazine Le Chasse-Marée has published in may, 2017 (issue N° 286) a story about Simon Evans, a french-based english collector of historic lifeboats…
    This article features a Mark II airborne of his collection, with a plan, etc.

    You can read the online version (not with full iconography) at

    The same magazine has published an article about the Mark I airborne lifeboats in the issue N° 189 (August, 2006).

    You should be able to order all this directly from the Chasse-Marée in Douarnenez, France.

    Jacques van Geen

    1. Thank you very much. I have made contact with Simon Evans and I think he will be very helpful. I am intending to see him in France in June. Great help.

  2. Hello Gavin, I sent you an email last week, re the ABL . Can you confirm, is this the MK2 that was once at Duxford. If so I may have some information for Nina.

    Regards, Nev.

    1. Yes, this is the very one. The Duxford boat that you refer to…that has sinfully lanquished at Duxfird for many a year…is now with me. Nina

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