Australia’s 18-ft skiffs and 14 Footers

A little Australian moment, with links from Michael Storer’s always interesting Storer Boat Plans Facebook page.

First (above), a stunning, award-winning piece of 1970 film about Sydney Harbour’s 18ft skiffs. They have a great history – Joshua Slocum mentions seeing them at Sydney in his solo round the world account Sailing Alone Around the World.

And then there’s this article about  the history of Australia’s 14 Footers, a very different development from the Uffa Fox influenced International 14s that developed in the UK.


2 thoughts on “Australia’s 18-ft skiffs and 14 Footers”

  1. It was quite a strong link between Slocum and the 18ft skiffs.

    He was broke and rolled up to the ROYAL Sydney Yacht Squadron but was told to “move on”.

    In the end he was “adopted by one of the warring factions of 18footr sailing who did fundraising etc.

    Class Patron and department store owner Mark Found spring for a set of sails for Spray.

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