The BBA student summer launch: you are invited!

Take a look at the boats to be launched by this year’s BBA students:

  • 13ft larch traditional clinker rowing and sailing boat, designed at the Academy
  • 12ft ply-on-frame Glen-L Tiny Might runabout with inboard engine
  • Restored 16ft 1954 Looe hire boat, a traditional clinker launch
  • 14ft 9in glued clinker Whitehall rowing skiff, built from a design supplied by the Mystic Seaport Museum
  • Folding kayak – aluminium frame with inflatable sponsons and PVC skin (no link as yet)
  • 14ft 5in Iain Oughtred gunter-rigged sailing dinghy
  • 15ft 9in Eric Hvalsoe designed HV 16 traditional rowing and sail clinker-built boat planked in western red cedar
  • 13ft GRP motor boat refit
  • 16ft 6in Iain Oughtred Elfyn modern plywood Norwegian Faering)
  • New coastal rowing skiff concept by BBA instructor Justin Adkin designed by Phil Morrison

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