22 square metre Caritana returns to sailing following repairs at Stirling and Son


In mid-May the 22 square metre Caritana left the Stirling and Son yard near Tavistock in Devon, following repairs carried out following an accident in which she was involved in a collision during a race at  Cowes last summer.

Here’s what Will Stirling has to say about the project:

‘The repair work took two months to complete and included new timbers, a new sheer plank, deck beam, mast partners, covering boards and re-canvassing of the deck.

‘When we took off the old canvas deck we found a piece of newspaper under it dated 1946. It was only after replacing the canvas (which had to be done in a single piece) that it occurred to us that we should have put the piece of newspaper back with another piece from this year.’

Caritana is number 131 in the Mälar 22 square metre class drawn by the designer Gustav Estlander, and was built in Erik Eriksson’s yard in Strängnäs in 1946.

She is one of a fleet of 22s based at Cremyll, opposite Plymouth.

The fleet is run by Cremyll Keelboats who are organising a regatta to race the boats in Plymouth Sound on the weekend of Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of June. Boat spaces are available for charter. For more information see the Cremyll Keelboats website.


3 thoughts on “22 square metre Caritana returns to sailing following repairs at Stirling and Son”

  1. This is not a sqm22 it’s a Mälar 22 (M22). A strict one design class as Laser but very similar to a sqm22 and comes from a modified blueprint of a sqm22. I been aboard for a couple of years ago. Is the black parts mahohogny? Good luck!

    Erik Persson
    Swedish Class association for Mälarboats

    1. Erik Can you please get in touch with me – I am restoring Caritana and would like to make sure I stay within the Malar 22 class rules.

  2. A friend of mine now owns this boat which we are restoring again. We also have a classic sqm 22 “Chadrack” which we had hoped to retore but the work needed is too much for us to undertake so its for sale – it will be very reasonably priced.

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