Boat Building Academy student launch summer 2012 – you’re all invited!

The Boat Building Academy is due to launch the latest fleet of student boats into the harbour at Lyme Regis on the 13th June, and the public are invited help celebrate the achievements of those attending courses.

As usual the students have come from all over the EU and all walks of life to join the academy’s 38-week long course: among the student group are three people retraining after leaving the forces, a graphic designer from Switzerland and two people who have been working on super yachts cruising in exotic places, but who now want to settle down.

The boats are as diverse as the students and include one best described as a ‘hot rod’, a restoration of a 1950’s Looe hire boat, traditional clinker, glued clinker and strip-planked sailing boats, and an exciting and unusual coastal rowing boat.

The students will gather at the academy at about 1.30pm to walk the boats down to the harbour, where they will be launched one by one.

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