Drascombe by Churchouse Boats at the Beale Park Boat Show

Drifter 22 to be at Beale Park Boat Show

Drascombe by Churchouse Boats, swinging cradle trailer Drascombe by Churchouse Boats DrascombeLugger

Stewart Brown has written to say his company will be at the Beale Park Boat Show (10-12th June) under the banner of Drascombe by Churchouse Boats. (Download a brochure here.)

In addition to an example of its Lugger model, Churchouse will be showing its revised Drascombe Drifter 22 (Drifter Flyer 2008) reworked by designer Paul Fisher of Selway-Fisher. She has twin drop keels and a drop rudder for shallow water sailing and ease of launching and recovery, and a clear cockpit & cabin space.

and swinging cradle trailers designed to make launching and recovery a one-man job.

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