Snapshots – you CAN turn them off

This weblog includes a tool called Snap Shots – it’s the gizmo that opens little bubbles showing a preview of any link you might be thinking of going to. I like it because it shows me whether a particular link is likely to be of interest.

It’s quite easy to get rid of any unwanted bubble by clicking off the bubble’s area, but I do understand that the bubbles can irritate some people. If you’re one of them, please click the Options icon in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot bubble and opt-out for good!

PS – As of the 10th January 2008, I’ve turned them off, initially as an experiment. Let’s see how many people complain now that they’ve gone!

5 thoughts on “Snapshots – you CAN turn them off”

  1. Thank you for telling me how to turn them off. They would be only slightly annoying if they didn't cover up what I was trying to read. Since they do they are very annoying.

  2. You CAN turn them off, but only — I think — if you're willing to accept a cookie. I'm not, as I'm trying to keep my computer and my browsing experience secure.

    I find the previews to have little, if any value whatsoever and they do diminish the quality of my experience when they pop up at annoying times. I'll spend less time here because of that, but it's you decision to have them here or not, I guess.

    I say abolish them, both here and elsewhere throughout the web, without asking me to accept the intrusion of a cookie.

  3. I'm getting the message. If I get one more complaint about them and no comments in favour, I'll turn them off for good. I thik they're cool, but how I feel about them myself doesn't matter – it's how regular readers feel about them that is important.


  4. I don't mind the snaps. When previewing "genuine" links I think they're cool too. They're a little irritating when promoting wares, but even then they are easily dealt with – there's a lot of this on the Duckworks site, for example.


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