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Now that’s a rudder!

The pleasures of owning and maintaining a boat No. 4,631. Being amazed at the size of a ruddern and then having to maintain it.

This one belongs to HMS Pickle, and the voice that can hardly contain itself belongs to owner Mal Nicholson. Click here for more posts about HMS Pickle.

The Spaulding Youth Education Programme on YouTube

I think this nice little video tells its tale very well, and I would love to think that similar projects around our coast could transform both the lives of the youngsters involved and also the places where they are take place.

Of course projects very like this are already taking place in Faversham, and well done to the townspeople and the Faversham Creek Trust for making it happen (see this example and also this one). Let’s have more.

My thanks to Alan Thorne for leading me to this YouTube.

Hoveton Great Broad – should public money buy public access?

Folks in Norfolk are getting hot under the collar because one of the owners of one of the area’s closed broads, the magnificent Hoveton Great Broad between Wroxham and Horning, are applying for a large Heritage Lottery Fund grant to carry out works to clear the sediment and restore water quality – but without offering significant access to the broad in return.

The broad, which has been closed to public navigation for 120 years and has been allowed to become silted up, is to have only extremely limited supervised public access by canoe to certain marsh areas in return – but not the broad itself, which will continue to be available to the owners and their friends.

Local campaigners argue that this is public money, and it if is to be spent breathing new life into the broad, the public should have much greater freedom to enjoy it. I think I agree with them.

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