Don’t lose your metalwork to thieves this winter says Navigators & General

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Insurer Navigators & General is urging boat owners to take precautions over the winter months to try to avoid becoming a victim of metal theft.

A huge increase in metal thefts is being reported following a doubling of copper prices over the last two years. In October the BBC obtained figures in showing a 170 per cent metal theft increase in Cambridgeshire, 120 per cent in West Mercia, 112 per cent in the West Midlands, and 100 per cent in Warwickshire and Sussex.

Copper and bronze items such as bells and plaques are obvious targets, but boats with bronze or alloy propellers, or copper sheathing are said to be at particular risk over the dark winter months when many boats are are laid up ashore.

N&G is advising customers to check on the level of security offered by their chosen yard, and only use established boatyards or secure compounds to store their boats. For complete peace of mind owners might consider removing props altogether over the lay-up period, as the cost of replacing propellers can run to hundreds of pounds.

The company also strongly advises boat owners to check the wording of their insurance policies and endorsements to ensure that they cover ‘theft of equipment following forcible and violent removal from the exterior of the vessel’ – some policies only cover ‘theft of equipment following forcible entry’, which may exclude a claim where a prop has been stolen from an external shaft.

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One thought on “Don’t lose your metalwork to thieves this winter says Navigators & General”

  1. The Lower Halstow Yacht Club had a break-in at their compound, soon after the boats were lifted out. There was clear evidence of an attempt to steal a propeller, which failed for lack of a puller, but resulted in minor damage to the shaft.

    Five boats were broken into, but not much taken; possibly searching for tools to remove props. However, some flares and rockets were taken, stupid things to leave on board, especially if they get into the wrong hands, and does not endear us to the police.

    I keep telling people that they will be back with a puller, 'cos they have done the trial run now. Not taken seriously so this announcement may do the trick.

    Thanks, Bob.

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