Ben Crawshaw’s Light Trow makes progress

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This isn’t a proper post – it’s just me taking a late-night opportunity to crow about the boat that Ben Crawshaw’s building to my Light Trow design. Take a peek at the last photo in his set in this post.

I’m getting very excited, as although the design has had quite a lot of attention, this is the first of these boats to be built.

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2 thoughts on “Ben Crawshaw’s Light Trow makes progress”

  1. I've bookmarked Ben's blog, it makes a nice read.

    Thanks Gavin, I'll be watching Light Trow – nice lines, but lovely to see one taken shape in photos.



  2. Graeme –

    I agree absolutely – and I'd say it's great, and he's doing a very nice job. Still, it's nerve wracking if you're the designer and this is the first to be built.

    The Light Trow is coming up a pretty boat and Ben's project makes me wish I had the space and time to build one too. I'm hoping, of course, that some day he'll let me sail her…


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