Some real books I’ve been enjoying lately!

The Sailing Companion

The Sailing Companion

This is a bedside off-season read, full of jokes, quotations and outrageous stories. You’ve no doubt seen quite a few books of this kind, but the difference in this case is that this is the best of its kind that I’ve seen.

Unlike most other ‘jokey’ sailing books, this one really is funny, the bon mots are worth repeating, and the stories – well, you wouldn’t want to be too closely involved!

A Seaman’s Pocket-Book
A Seaman’s Pocket-Book

This is an interesting read – it’s full of all that lore that you don’t learn if you’ve never been a Naval seaman, or indeed any kind of employed seaman at all. Find out how to secure your hammock, learn to read flags, tell the time by the bell or give orders if by chance you find yourself responsible for a ship’s boat fully crewed with a bunch of matelots crying out for your firm leadership. It could happen…



Published in 1941, this is one of a series of masterworks by the revered American historian and naval architect Howard I Chappelle. Because of its age, you won’t find anything about modern glues or plywood – but you will find just about everything you’re likely to need to know about building wooden boats in the old way. It also includes some nice designs, including those for a 20ft double-ended Chesapeake sharpie, a 22-ft Dutch-style scow-bowed sloop and a 23-foot centreboard tabloid cruising sloop. Even if you’re unlikely to go in for building wooden boats on this scale yourself, this will enable you to appreciate the craftsman boatbuilder’s skill without having to attend a boatbuilding course.

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One thought on “Some real books I’ve been enjoying lately!”

  1. Hi there.

    I'm the author of The Sailing Companion and just read your glowing review! I thought I should drop a line to say thanks – I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was fun to do, and though I don't get any royalties, it's nice to know that it's being read and causing the odd chuckle. Sailing is meant to be enjoyable, something that is sometimes forgotten these days.

    I put a website of the month in Yachting Monthly each issue and will see if I can include yours – it's a good, varied read.

    All the best


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