Here’s a nice way to waste an hour

I did it this evening, and it was easy. I started by looking at the links page here at, and decided to have a look at the Wooden Ships broker’s list. Naturally, my eye was drawn by a Falmouth working boat, among other things. Take a peek, if you dare:
Naturally, I then wondered what else I might find… When up came this link:

And this fabulous small gallery showing these the working boats with their full racing rigs. I gather they operate a voluntary limit of 1000sqft, and looking at the sails in these images it could be true:

Looking at these images, it’s difficult to remember that these boats are also used to fish for oysters – in fact, with rather smaller rigs in place they’re a sail-powered oyster fishing fleet that continues to work the Fal Estuary and the area around the Roseland Peninsula today.

Finally, I suppose one might consider buying the one for sale at the Wooden Ships site. Click on the image below to go to their site. And while you’re there, there’s a nice little Harrison Butler just crying out for attention…

Falmouth Working Boat

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