Ben Crawshaw’s oars are the smartest you’ll see

Despite his frustrations with some of his visitors Ben continues to make useful progress with his Light Trow, and tonight he has reported with photos of some of the smartest oars I’ve ever seen. Cool work Ben! Click on the photo to see what he’s been up to:

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

Welcome to! If you can’t immediately see what you came here for, try: —The lists of topics and archives in the right-hand column —The search window at the top-right of this page I’m sure both of them will take you straight to it, and more, but if you’re still stuck, please write to me … Continue reading “Can’t see what you’re looking for?”

A visit to Port Ginesta

Ben Crawshaw, who is currently building a Light Trow to my design reports today that he’s made a trip to Port Ginesta, where he was puzzled by these bulges on the stern of an elderly motor cruiser undergoing a major restoration. Ben takes some interesting shots, and a visit to his weblog is always a … Continue reading “A visit to Port Ginesta”