Island Trust seeks suitable sail training vessel for 2015

Amy Davenport of the The Island Trust has written to say that the Trust is doing some work on one of its boats over the winter and into the 2015 season, and is looking for a suitable vessel to charter in to cover its planned workload.

The Trust would be operating in the West Country or South Wales…

Ideally, the vessel would be a traditionally rigged vessel, already coded and available as a bare-boat charter for the season. The alternative, perhaps, if the price is acceptable, is to buy something outright, but for that to happen I gather the vessel would have to be perfect for its needs.

‘We’d like something around 12 berths upwards, that is 10 berths plus two professional crew, who would have a separate cabin,’she says,

‘Double beds are no use, as the trust mainly works with young people. The trust is pretty flexible on size at this stage.’

If you have a practical suggestion, please contact me at and I’ll pass your message on to Amy…