Forgotten Ravilious to go on show

(1 of 2) We are delighted to share exciting news that a lost painting of Ravilious, last seen in 1939 is set to be unveiled at Hastings on the 27th May.
This radiant watercolour was for many years thought to be missing, when it was in fact hanging quietly in a collector’s home since 1939.

(2 of 2) Mackerel Sky belongs to a private collector, who very generously loaned it to the exhibition Seaside Modern when hearing of the curators search for Ravilious works.
Eric Ravilious (1903-42)
Mackerel Sky
Watercolour and pencil on paper

Troy class Barbara – a happy story told in tweets by Marcus Lewis

This really is a remarkable tale from Fowey boatbuilder Marcus Lewis. There’s more detail on his Facebook page.

Have you a piece of the Raybel’s history to share?

The folks restoring the Raybel at Sittingbourne are collecting as many stories and as much history as they can from people who have been involved with the sailing barge to make sure they are not be lost and forgotten, and can be handed down to future generations. Here’s what they say:

‘Maybe your family worked at shipbuilders Wills & Packham, or Raybel’s owners, Sullys? Or maybe you know something of the industry that used to take place at Lloyd’s Wharf?

‘If you have any stories, anecdotes, pictures or documents we would love to hear from you!’

Contact Gareth at or via the Raybel website.