Does anyone know where drawings of RYS Wanderer can be found?

Jonathan Griffiths has written to ask whether anyone knows where he can see drawings of the RYS Wanderer, which was built at Greenock by Robert Steele & Co 1878, and wondered if your subscribers might help in locating such drawings if
they still exist.

‘Her name was then then changed name to Vagus in 1889 and then to Consuelo while in the ownership of the Earl of Crawford in 1902 – so I do not think she is the same Consuelo that appeared in the Yachtsman in 1901, as this was a two masted steam yacht.

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  1. Robert Steele & Co were noted builders of clipper ships, but not yacht builders. It seems likely that the Wanderer would have been built under survey, either of Lloyds Register or or the British Corporation, and if LR were involved their archives are very good indeed. That is where I would start.

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