Mouseboat building at the Faversham Creek Trust’s Purifier Building workshops

Mouseboat building at the Faversham Creek Trust's Purifier Building

Here’s a sight to gladden a chap’s heart – five Mouseboats being built at boatbuilder Alan Thorne’s workshop in the Faversham Creek Trust’s Purifier Building. (To contact Alan, see the little ad in the left hand column of this weblog.)

The project is part of a Department for Business, Innovation & Skills training programme, and I’m hoping the little boats will be put to use on the Creek – not least a goodly amount of messing about, perhaps also the occasional race…

Mouseboat plans are available at Duckworks Boat Builder’s Supply and the Mouseboats Yahoogroup (which is where plans for this flat-bottomed Mouse can be found). There are also plans in my book, Ultrasimple Boatbuilding. If you choose to buy the book though, avoid the Kindle version, as I’ve heard the drawings are difficult to see.

3 thoughts on “Mouseboat building at the Faversham Creek Trust’s Purifier Building workshops”

  1. It must be very satisfying seeing your designs used to teach new skills like this. Even more when you see a little flotilla of them on the river. 🙂

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