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  1. Looks to be off centre, but I have drilled the hole 2 mm oversize, this allows adjustment to the tube when fitted,managed then to get it spot on the CL.Nick Smith.
    This is my rudimentary drilling jig, it still takes a bit of ‘by eye’ though,which is good. I drill through the keel from outside in, then drill the shaft log held in the vice, then offer it up and try the tube in place, if it looks good then bond the log in place then the following day run the drill bit up through and then fit the tube and castings. I grease the outside of the tube before fitting, and when in place then gun in mastic or sika to fill the 2mm void around the tube to stop any possible water ingress. The grease means if the tube ever has to be drawn it will not stick.Nick Smith.

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