Does anyone know the background of this terrific model – or the yacht she represents?

Model yacht 2

Model yacht 3 Model yacht 1

The Faversham Creek Trust has been given this model to auction for fundraising purposes – and they would like to know more about it. The drawing shows the dimensions.

Can anyone help? Certainly if the full-sized version was ever built, it would certainly have been an impressive boat. Is it post-WWII or pre-war? And check out that wishbone high in the rigging!

I have a dim recollection that the canoiest and yacht designer Frederick Fenger invented the wishbone schooner and that designer, builder, racing helmsman and pop starn Uffa Fox wrote about them – so I have a sneaking feeling this may be one of his designs. Please email  any information to me at and I will pass it on the the Trust. Of course, I will also let readers know when the auction is to be held.

I should add that we’re nearly on the deadline (28th June) for submitting views about the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan.

The questionnaire for this can be completed online or via the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood plan website.

It takes some minutes and there are one or two questions that will likely garner answers that could be misinterpreted, but it’s still important and worthwhile to fill this thing in.  There’s no requirement to answer every question, and you can add comments, for example if you do not think that the right questions have been asked.

PS Historian and verteran campaigner for Faversham’s heritage Arthur Percival has written his own considered and clear submission to the Neighbourhood Plan steering group. Read it here.

2 thoughts on “Does anyone know the background of this terrific model – or the yacht she represents?”

  1. I have just been looking at the model yacht that the Faversham Creek Trust have up for auction. I immediately recognised the hull shape. I moulded one of these model yacht hulls in GRP while aattending a GRP Supervisors Course in 1971 which was held at the Shipbuilding Training College in Southampton, down by the old floating roadway. I have mine rigged as a radio controlled sloop but the pictures have given me brave new ideas!

    1. Hi there.
      just came across your site the model in question is a wishbone schooner called Argus. have one my self. if you google it you will find more about it.

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